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Welcome to the Think Beyond Plastic Innovation Center.

The Catalytic Innovation Seed Fund provides frontier capital and market acceleration services to early stage startups participating in the Think Beyond Plastic™ acceleration program, in the areas of bio-benign materials and innovative product delivery systems (focus on refill and reuse) to accelerate the transition towards a circular economy in multiple markets including plastics, packaging, food services, agriculture, textiles and others.

Participants are selected through a highly competitive process incorporating annual innovation challenges partnerships with research labs, patent databases and Technology Transfer Offices, and individual solicitations.

Acceptance to the program is based on a review of commercialization potential, unique value proposition and IP assessment.


December 7, 2018 | Theodor-Heuss-Allee 25, Frankfurt-am-Main, Germany


In partnership with

The Ellen MacArthur Foundation and ISC3 Innovation Hub 

The transition towards a circular economy for plastics is opening a sea of investment and innovation opportunities, including new materials, new delivery models, sustainable chemistry and others.  This 4th annual Investor Forum brings together leaders in the investor community, the plastics industry, and innovators developing solutions in various aspects of the plastics value chain. 



Andreas Förster, ISC3 Innovation Hub, Daniella Russo, Think Beyond Plastic, Rob Opsomer, Ellen MacArthur Foundation

Keynote address

Wendy Schmidt

Panel Discussion: Innovations transforming the value chain 

Emerging innovations and investment opportunities in the circular economy for plastics. 

Moderated by Rob Opsomer, Ellen MacArthur Foundation, with: 

Rachel Goldstein, MARS, Friedrich Barth, ISC3, Michael Brandkamp, HTGF, April Crow, Circulate Capital, Ben Dixon, SYSTEMIQ

Panel is followed by three pitches.

Panel Discussion: From Niche to Mainstream: reaching the tipping point

Reaching the tipping point for transition towards the circular economy for plastics.

Moderated by Daniella Russo,Think Beyond Plastic, with:

Michael Scriba, Borealis Group, Timothy Glaz, Werner & Mertz, Ann Tracy, Colgate-Palmolive, Shane Wolf, SEED Phytonutrients, Frederic Michel, Sky Media Group

Panel is followed by three pitches.

Panel Discussion: The innovator journey

Startups finding pathways to growth in the circular economy for plastics. Challenges, opportunities and lessons learned.

Moderated by Julie Corbett, Ecologic Brands, with:

Jose Manuel Moller, Algramo, Andrew Falcon, Full Cycle Bioplastics, Anna Tenhunen, VTT Finland, David Espinosa, Altais Nova, Jason Foster, Replenish

Panel is followed by three pitches.

Innovation Showcase


Providing low-income customers with life’s essentials, in the quantity needed and with bulk pricing, while eliminating single-use packaging

Altais Nova

New materials and industrial fabrication processes


Bio-sourced renewable chemicals and fuels from clean, non-food biomass


Innovative Newcycling® technology for high-quality recycling of multi-layer packaging and mixed plastic waste


Smart polymer -- building blocks for the circular economy


Developing and industrializing green chemicals with environmentally friendly technology, from non-alimentary, inexpensive, renewable raw materials at competitive cost

Cadel Deinking

An innovative plastic recycling process that removes printed ink from plastic surfaces in recycling and converting companies


Reinvent polymers lifecycle – revolutionary enzymes for infinite biorecycling and biodegradation of plastics


A technology platform that enables the design – at the molecular level – of new materials

Cyclic Design

An eco-design firm offering sustainable packaging solutions

Ecologic Brands

The world’s first paper bottle made out of recycled cardboard that uses 70% less plastic and is both compostable and recyclable


Seaweed flexible biopackaging

Fraunhofer Institute

bioOrmocer - barrier coating for sustainable food packaging

Full Cycle Bioplastic

A circular economy solution for organic waste and plastic pollution


Making plastic circular


Making plastics sustainable


Magnetizable coatings for recyclable plastic packaging


Distribution and sale of goods without single-use packaging


New materials and chemicals from industrial organic waste streams


Making containers smart


Sustainable chemicals from CO2 and sunlight


Preventing microfibers from entering laundry wastewater


Reusable and returnable packaging service for e-commerce


Integrated, highly customizable reusable bottle and refill pod system

RWDC Industries

Innovative and cost-effective biopolymer solutions


Recycling technology for flexible packaging

SCC Industries

Revolutionizing the charcoal industry in developing countries worldwide

Searious Business

Solutions for major brands looking to reduce their plastic footprint and adopt circular economy principles

Skipping Rocks Lab

Natural packaging made from seaweed


Thermocell - drop-in bio-based and renewable content thermoplastic granule for the mainstream plastics market

This event is by-invitation only and seating is limited. To attend, please contact us by leaving your email address and name/affiliation. 

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