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2022 COHORT (fall)

Sustainable Food and Energy

Program kick-off: November 3 and 4, 2022
at GEC Headquarters, Meerbusch Germany

keynote address


Sustainable plant-based fish protein

Sustainable plant-based protein from algae

'Microbiome Positive' foods and drinks

Ingredients that add an irresistible mouthfeel to dairy alternatives

Converters for boosting the power output of solar panels and increasing the biomass yield in greenhouses.​

Vertical windmills suited to low velocity wind, capturing wind energy that is not used by conventional windmills.

Affodable eco-friendly temperature-controlled solar fridges/freezers

The only rechargeable copper-zinc battery manufacturer worldwide.

Rethinking battery-powered energy storage.

Stores excess renewable electricity in table salt and water

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