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AC Biode Plastics aims to carbonize waste locally so that it can be accessed by many in a safe and economical way.

Biolive is a biotechnology enterprise that designs and develops the production process of bio-based plastics, and produces and provides bio-based granules using olive seeds.

Chemolex vision is to turn the invasive water hyacinth plants into an economically viable raw material that can produce hugely demanded products in Africa and other International markets such as bioplastics and biofuel that can power cars and motor bikes.

DrinkFill is in the business of eliminating single-use beverage bottles forever. Its beverage refill stations are beautiful, smart, easy-to-use, and pure awesome.

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Genesis is commercializing its first product line – PHBVs, a high quality biodegradable plastic that is used to make thermo-resistant packaging, compostable coffee pods and 3D printing filaments.

A circular platform for smart reusable packaging. Muuse cuts single-use plastic waste through making reusable packaging for the to-go food economy the preferred option both for businesses and end-consumers.

PlasticFri uses abundant, cheap and renewable plant resources, mainly coming from agricultural-waste and non-edible plants.

ReCircle aims to make a lifestyle of reusing resources as easy and as convenient as possible to encourage society towards a circular economy.

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Refeel Good is an easy and convenient delivery service, where customers order their preferred laundry and home care products, which will be delivered at their door in reusable plastic packaging.

SmartBins is on a mission to create a convenient and sustainable alternative to prepackaged food. Our Add-on system offers a modern streamlined bulk bin food experience for shoppers.

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