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2022 COHORT (spring)

Sustainable Materials and Agriculture

Spring program kick-off: April 4, 2022

keynote address
Dr. Tierney Thys,
co-founder Around The World in 80 Fabrics, award-winning filmmaker, marine biologist, Nat Geo Explorer

Sustainable green plastic for agriculture

Fully bio-based & biodegradable PHA polymers, replacing fossil-based plastics

Nutritious LDPE replacement for agriculture films

Green chemical recycling for textiles

Carbon Wastes Become Clean Energy Economic and Environmental Sustainability Solutions

Digital platform for on-demand supply chain of knitwear

A new polyester that is renewably sourced and compostable, while matching the price and performance of traditional synthetics.

Sustainable alternative to disposable diapers

Thullex (Germany)

Digitized quality control for the fashion industry

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